Upon receipt of the sample in our laboratory, it is analyzed and subjected to the first quality control or reception control, which evaluates if the sample is in the right conditions in order to be processed.

Once this first quality control has been overcome, the mesenchymal stem cells are isolated, and will then be cultivated for 15 days.

After that cultivation, a second quality control or contamination control takes place. Once completed, the cells are expanded until they reach the desired amount, a process that lasts about 2 weeks.

At this point, the third time quality control or tissue differentiation will take place.

Upon reaching the desired cell numbers, approximately 120 million MSCs, 20 independent doses are prepared with approximately 6 million cells per dose (amount recommended for therapeutic use in most cases.)

Upon finishing the preparation of the doses, the fourth quality control or microbiology control is performed following the standards and the tightest regulations of the European Medicines Agency.

From this moment on, the doses would be ready to be delivered or cryopreserved.