Before the birth of the foal, and having signed up for our services, the customer receives our patented kit with everything needed for the tissue collection at the time of the birth and safe shipment to the laboratory.

Our kit contains:

• Field cloth and sterile gloves

• Scissors

• Solution for cleaning the sample at the farm (patented formula)

• Container for biological samples, where the cord will be transported

• Antibiotics to supplement the container where the cord will be transported (patented formula)

• Stock ZIP to put the container with the sample during transport

• Cold packs

• Thermometer to analyze the preservation temperature.

• Box of high density polystyrene, approved for air transport

• Stickers EQUICORD to be completed by the owner with the animal data

• Tape to close the package

• Operating instructions and photographs

• Shipping address and EquiCord contacts


After the birth of the foal, farm staff ( The presence of a veterinarian is not needed for the collection) collect the cord and, following the instructions of the kit, they prepare it and contact EquiCord to arrange the pick-up of the kit as soon as possible by means of a concerted messaging company.