Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases in dogs and cats are a clinical problem with a variety of symptoms and of complex diagnosis, which in most cases represents a substantial difficulty, not only when making a diagnosis, but when establishing an appropriate therapy. This pathology has increasingly greater impact on small animals, which can result in symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, weight loss, hypoproteinemia and abdominal pain resulting in a major chronic disease with difficult diagnosis and treatment.

There are diet-based and antimicrobial therapies as well as the use with corticosteroids, but these treatments ultimately do not lead to the desired results due to side effects.

Treating IBD with MSC is based on the therapeutic ability of MSC. Thanks to their bimodal effect, they are capable of simultaneously performing the recovery of the damaged tissue, thanks to their capacity to differentiate, and to suppress the abnormal immune response due to its immunomodulatory effect.