Adipose tissue extraction at the time of injury:

In this case, the adipose tissue will be extracted at the time of the MSC treatment, the adipose tissue will be sent to EquiCord, where it will be processed to achieve the desired cell number, depending on the needs.

In the case of serial treatments done in time, it is possible to cryopreserve the cells to avoid subjecting the animal to a new surgical intervention whenever retreatment is necessary.

It should be kept in mind that the laboratory takes about 3 weeks to prepare the treatment.

 Adipose tissue extraction prior to need:

As mentioned previously, this option has a number of advantages that will have to be valued by each owner.

In this case, the adipose tissue will be sent to EQUICORD, where it will be processed. After reaching the desired number of cells they will be cryopreserved until requested by the owner.

In this case, 5 doses of MSCs will be cryopreserved with the idea that, if necessary, the animal could use these doses throughout their lives.

If necessary, the cells will be sent to your veterinarian no later than 5 working days.